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Specialist Support for the Internet of Things (IoT) & the Smart Home

Offering strategies for success in a connected world…

The IoT offers opportunities to deploy new products and services but it also presents many challenges.  We can help you address these challenges to develop and execute strategies that optimise your chances of success.

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Telecare in the EU: Smart Home and Independent Living.


Leveraging Smart Home and IoT for New Insurance Business Models


The IoT opportunity

The IoT will be a game changer for many industries.  It presents a threat to many traditional business models but it also opens up exciting new opportunities for growth, particularly in the mass consumer and small business market.  If you don’t see the threat or understand the opportunities, you should take advantage of our expertise and book a free consultation.

We help partners navigate the complexities of the Smart Home and IoT with winning strategies


The internet has seriously disrupted traditional retail models and the IoT will only compound the pain.  Simply selling product in volume for margin will not work in an age where data and services deliver the real value to consumers.  Let us help you identify new strategies for the market.

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The quantity and quality of data from the IoT will redefine traditional insurance products and practices. However, will insurers adapt to exploit the IoT or will new entrants emerge to redefine the insurance market?  Let us show how insurers could use the IoT to strengthen their core products.

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Service Providers

Service providers were the first to offer consumers smart home bundled with their traditional broadband, entertainment, and mobile services. However, growth has been slow; there is an opportunity to adopt more disruptive business models.  Let us help you explore a new approach.

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The IoT and connectivity could allow utilities to stretch beyond the meter and into the home with a broader range of products and services.  However, there is a need to offer more than just energy savings as a benefit to grow in the IoT and smart home.  Let us help you develop winning propositions for your customers.

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Connectivity redefines the traditional role of product manufacturers with data from appliances and devices redefining how consumers interact with their environment.  Let us help you to adapt your products and services to exploit the benefits of the IoT.

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Service Industries

Traditional service industries are being seriously disrupted by the IoT with data from smart home devices enabling the development of new concierge type services for the home.  Let us help you to identify, define, and exploit these new opportunities in your sector.

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Unique Experience

We help partners develop strategies and business plans that exploit the new opportunities made possible by the IoT and connected devices.

We are unique because we have we have practical experience developing and deploying innovative new IoT products and services with leading consumer brands.  This includes working at Board level in Fortune 500 companies in the retail, insurance, energy, manufacturing, and telecoms sectors in Europe, the US, and Australasia.

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EAS helped us crystalise our IoT strategy and was the catalyst for the launch of our new smart home category across all our stores

Head of Smart Home, Lowe’s Home Improvement


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