Free Whitepaper: Leveraging Smart Home and IoT for New Insurance Business Models

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), a tsunami of new information will come from connected devices. Insurers, intent on securing the deepest level of insight, will need a way to tap into the source. Traditional insurance practices for data acquisition through third parties may not work; IoT data will be a source of competitive advantage and, therefore, not readily shared. The companies deploying smart home solutions, not the insurer, will have control of the relationship and leverage the data collected to give [...]

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Thinking about strategies for the Smart Home?

The IoT is having a growing impact on consumer channels such as retail, utilities, telcos, insurance, and others work to embrace a new wave of connected devices. These connected devices generate data that will support exciting new services and introduce novel ways to engage consumers and, potentially, generate new revenues. The consumer drivers are simple; this new connectivity will make our homes safer, more energy efficient, and easier to manage. Who does not want that? However, the IoT is a challenging and disruptive technology that will shift [...]

Insurers are Missing the Smart Stuff in InsureTech

I consider myself a veteran of the IoT and, in particular, the Smart Home space having built start-ups and worked to deploy connected products and services through major corporates such as BT, KPN, IAG, Bell, D-Link, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and others.  I remain excited about the benefits of the IoT and connected devices; everything in our home will become IP addressable because it will make our homes safer, more energy efficient, and easier to manage. I recently attended an InsureTech event in London to see what [...]

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Insurance and the IoT – The Opportunity and Threat

For today’s consumers, the internet is such an integral part of daily life that we now struggle to imagine life without it. To date, proliferation has largely been driven by content and speed but we are now entering a new phase of growth where the everyday ‘things’ around us will be connected to the web. This is the Internet of Things (IoT) and it is going to have a huge impact on the way consumers interact with their environment and service providers. This new phase [...]

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Insurance – Smart Strategies for the Smart Home

There has been a lot of debate about the potential impact of the IoT on the insurance industry and some strong push back to the term ‘game changing’. As an industry that was built on collecting and analysing data to make decisions on risk, it is hard to deny that the IoT is going to have a huge impact. However, the IoT and smart home will present both and opportunity and a threat and, in my view, it will be a game changer if the industry fails [...]

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