Thinking about strategies for the Smart Home?

The IoT is having a growing impact on consumer channels such as retail, utilities, telcos, insurance, and others work to embrace a new wave of connected devices. These connected devices generate data that will support exciting new services and introduce novel ways to engage consumers and, potentially, generate new revenues. The consumer drivers are simple; this new connectivity will make our homes safer, more energy efficient, and easier to manage. Who does not want that? However, the IoT is a challenging and disruptive technology that will shift [...]

Manufacturers – Strategies for Connected Devices

Manufacturers are racing to enable their devices to work in a connected world but it presents challenges. In the B2B space, the IoT market is already well advanced. The majority of new commercial buildings are ‘smart’; systems are connected to make buildings safer, more energy efficient, easier to manage and the cost of operation is significantly reduced. Even in agriculture, the IoT is well advanced. John Deere uses connectivity on their fleet of combined harvesters to remotely monitor and maintain machinery as well as provide [...]

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