Lowe’s Sell the Iris Smart Home Platform

Let me start this piece by pointing out that I worked for Lowe’s on the Iris team so I am somewhat biased in my views: however, I cannot help thinking that Lowe’s is throwing the baby out with the bathwater as new management seek to make their mark by controlling costs. I know these are hard decisions but, at a time when everyone else is doubling down with significant investments in the smart home, they chose to exit on what was once seen as a [...]

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Thinking about strategies for the Smart Home?

The IoT is having a growing impact on consumer channels such as retail, utilities, telcos, insurance, and others work to embrace a new wave of connected devices. These connected devices generate data that will support exciting new services and introduce novel ways to engage consumers and, potentially, generate new revenues. The consumer drivers are simple; this new connectivity will make our homes safer, more energy efficient, and easier to manage. Who does not want that? However, the IoT is a challenging and disruptive technology that will shift [...]

The IoT – Reinventing Retail

When the Internet first arrived, retailers were slow to see the threat it posed to their business and most failed to recognize the opportunity it offered to reinvent their channel strategies.  This opened the door to new entrants such as Amazon who, in just 20 years, have become global retail giants. Ultimately, the internet proved to be hugely disruptive to retailers because they fundamentally failed to understand the threat and were slow to react.  It was almost with disbelief that retailers watched on as consumer [...]

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The Amazon steam-roller targets the security and insurance industries

It seems that second-guessing what Amazon might do next is becoming a sport and it might be an idea to start taking bets. In the last few weeks I’ve seen some interesting pieces that suggest that their work to expand into the Smart home will drive them down the path to acquire a professional security installation company such as Vivent in the US, see Julie Jacobson’s piece at CE Pro.  More recently, Stacey Higginbotham suggests insurance might be their big move as reported by [...]

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Amazon Acquire Ring – A Seriously Smart Move!

There has been a lot of discussion about the future of the smart home and IoT devices and I still bump into people in various industries that believe the market is being hyped and won’t deliver. While the sceptics do what sceptics do, there continues to be a bunch of new innovative product launches and a steady stream of new players entering the space. However, the company stealing the lead in this space is Amazon and the news that they have now acquired Ring should worry [...]

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