Telecare in the EU: Smart Home and Independent Living

The EU population is growing, and improvements in health and welfare mean that the average age of the population is rising. In the UK, 11.8 million (18%) of the 65.6 million population are now over 65; this is expected to rise to 13.9 million (20.2%) out of 69 million by 2025. This whitepaper explores how smart home technology can support independent living and explains the benefits for both telehealth and telecare. It focuses on what could be considered the mass-market application to support independent living: [...]

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Home Security – Lessons from Across the Pond

We may not like to admit it, but in the UK and Europe we tend to follow the technology and trends in the US markets.  There are some notable exceptions and home security is one of them. In the US, there is a strong market for monitored security with over 23% of residential properties paying for professional services in a sector worth over $20bn/year whereas in the EU, the market for professional monitoring averages less than 5%.  This disparity has tempted security companies like ADT, [...]

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Why do companies hire consultants?

To get a fresh perspective Sometimes staff are too close to the problem to recognise it, or too entrenched in a way of working to change. An outsider brings and new perspective, can challenge the conventional wisdom and bring new ideas that can reinvigorate a team or accelerate a challenging project. A dispassionate, reasoned approach to problem solving reaps the best results, and it’s easier for an outsider to be completely unbiased, free from the influence of company politics or personal attachments. They need extra [...]

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