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We have a deep understanding of the IoT and Smart Home market.  This includes the technology, business models, and consumer drivers.


We have experience.  We have led major smart home projects in different territories with start-ups and large corporates.

Market Insight

Our experience has given us unique insights into the challenges faced when executing a business plan.  In addition, we know the key consumer drivers and have a clear consumer-centric approach.


We are entrepreneurial.  We take a fresh perspective and innovative approach to kick-start a project, bringing new ideas, energy and direction.

How Our

Rigorous planning: Short term, save time and effort; long term, can be the difference between success & failure.

Knowledge transfer: Short term, disseminate knowledge quickly and consistently; long term, leave knowledge that can be applied long after the project ends.

Relationship building: Short term, leverage connections to potential partners; long term, provides support for growth opportunities.

Take the first step…

We offer flexible help and support tailored specifically for every stage of your project. We typically start with workshops for senior executives to help explore and develop the vision, strategy, and business plans.  We can then help with the execution. Few companies have all the

required capabilities within the core business so partnering is critical to success.  We leverage our relationships to help partners execute and work to stay in touch with market developments that may have an impact on their business.

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